CCTV is quickly becoming a necessity due to its varied and broad benefits to both business’s and homes.

Whilst commonly regarded as a theft and vandalism prevention tool, CCTV has evolved into a very valuable a useful resource in protecting your business or your home from theft, vandalism, accidents, health and safety incidents and security breaches, along with staff monitoring, stock and product monitoring, and so much more. Sometimes, the visual deterrent alone can be of significant benefit to prevent unwanted incidents.

With High Definition footage readily available at any moment, on your phone, tablet, monitor, a TV or any other device, and the ability to playback months, or even years, to see past incidents and footage, you gain access to an unlimited amount of benefits anytime you want to view your premise or home.

Whilst we all hope that any incidents never occur, in the unexpected case anything happened at your business or home, a well setup and installed CCTV system could save you thousands.

Any business or home requiring a security solution generally starts with a well designed and installed CCTV system. Whether it is a simple, cost effective solution for a small home, or an advanced large scale system to cover a large business premise, we can provide you the system you need.

We have installed systems with over 40 cameras covering 18,000m2 commercial sites. We install systems to cover everyday residential homes. No system is to big or too small. Every customer has unique requirements and we will design and install your CCTV system to suit your requirements at your premise at home.

With the range and options available, we will provide you with a system to suit your requirements, including weatherproof, vandal proof, night vision, number plate recognition cameras or cameras with extremely high zoom capabilities.

We can come to your premise and provide you a no obligation site inspection and quotation to determine your requirements and give you the information you require.

  • Monitor your premise
  • Playback footage
  • Protect yourself from theft
  • Protect yourself from vandalism
  • Improve staff productivity
  • License plate recognition
  • High Definition cameras
  • Day and night vision
  • Weatherproof
  • View from phone, tablet, PC or TV
  • View from anywhere in the world
  • Highly secure and protected
  • 3 year warranty
  • Quality support and service

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